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Magec Rod

Magnetic Expansion Control

Magnetic Expansion Control An adjustable growing rod that utilizes innovative magnet technology and a remote control to non-invasively lengthen the device. Following a one-time minimally invasive procedure to implant the Magec Rod, the device can be distracted, or retracted, non-invasively during routine outpatient visits by using the Magec External Remote Controller (ERC). The magnetism between the Magec implants and ERC device enable frequent adjustable distractions, through a non-invasive approach in an outpatient setting. This unique benefit may eliminate the need for multiple distraction surgeries, required with traditional growing rods.

System Benefits:

• Non-invasive Distraction for Growing Children

• Eliminates Repeated Surgeries for Lengthening

• Significant Reduction in Complications

• Marked Socioeconomic Benefits

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