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Today’s conventional hip implants were designed for yesterday’s patient.

Conserving bone

  • MiniHip™ is designed to provide the bone preserving benefits of hip resurfacing with the stability of traditional total hip replacement
  • Typically mid-neck resection, defined from the centre of rotation
  • Trochanter conserving, neck preserving and diaphyseal sparing
  • Promotes physiological loading
  • Preserving soft tissue


Tissue sparing with direct anterior approach

  • Ideally suited for use with a direct anterior approach
  • It follows natural anatomy by going ‘around the corner’ of the calcar
  • Specific instruments designed to assist with a direct anterior approach


Restoring biomechanics

  • A versatile stem for multiple anatomies
  • Neck resection preserves bone in the calcar region
  • Offset, leg length and CCD reproducibility
  • Restores anteversion by retaining a portion of the femoral neck

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