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Mesa Complex

MESA Deformity Spinal System

Top-loading, low profile spinal system featuring Zero-Torque technology and offering a variety of screw types, coupled with revolutionary instrumentation and poised to address the most difficult maneuvers for complex spinal pathologies. Deformity Reduction Jack (Cricket) effectively eliminating the need for reduction screws by providing 27 mm of travel distance of rod and allowing for simultaneous multi axial translation and reduction. Vertebral bodies may be rotated simultaneously or individually through medial/lateral manipulation of the anchor points. The Transverse Couplers triangulate each vertebral level, evenly distributing the forces during axial correction maneuvers.

• Zero-Torque technology

• No profile above the Rod

• One-step final locking

• Complete offering of Polyaxial screws, Uniplanar screws, 360° screws, Rod Connectors and Rod options

• Revolutionary design of deformity Reduction Jack (Cricket) provides ability to accomplish correction  maneuvers in all plans

• Unique instrumentation provides slow, controlled correction of spine, while distributing forces across entire construct

• Ability to segmentally or globally derotate spine to achieve optimal axial plane correction

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