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Ultrasonic surgical aspiration system

SonaStar is engineered to provide powerful and precise ultrasonic aspiration with maximum control and ease-of-use. The SonaStar is an innovation leader in ultrasonic aspiration offering a curved extended handpiece plus a compact, short-straight handpiece, both operating at a powerful 23kHz frequency for quick and efficient removal of hard, dense and calcified tumors. Active process controls within the unit maintain all performance parameters like vibration, irrigation and aspiration at optimum settings. SonaStar offers a wide range of aspiration tips, including straight, short and long, curved extended precision tips (1.1mm) to address most delicate surgical needs including MIS applications. A unique “Linear” mode also allows the surgeon maximum control with load adjustments being as intuitive as varying an automobile’s speed with a gas pedal. The SonaStar convenient, wireless footswitch controls up to four functions: vibration, flush irrigation, coagulation, and coagulation/vibration simultaneously. • Ultrasonic aspirators are designed to break up and remove specific soft or hard tissue (bone) during surgical procedures. These devices use mechanical vibration at ultrasonic frequencies while providing suction and/or irrigation to the surgical site. • Ultrasonic aspirators typically consist of a main control unit that includes a generator which delivers ultrasound energy, a pump used to supply suction and irrigation as well as a detachable handpiece. • The ultrasonic energy is then converted to mechanical vibrations in the handpiece. • These vibrations are applied to the soft tissue or bone that the surgeon is intending to remove. • Ultrasound surgical aspirators are often the tool of choice for surgeons looking to remove brain tumors and for general surgery procedures such as removing tumors from the liver.

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