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Dynavisc adhesion barrier gel for tendon and peripheral nerve surgery.

Dynavisc is a clear, absorbable adhesion barrier gel for use in tendon and/or peripheral nerve surgeries such as foot, knee, shoulder, and hand surgery. Dynavisc acts as a temporary, protective barrier to effectively separate tissues and reduce fibrosis, without interfering with normal healing. Dynavisc is designed to coat surfaces exposed in tendon and peripheral nerve surgery – such as in the hand, foot, shoulder and knee – in order to form a temporary mechanical barrier that separates tissues. Dynavisc gel remains at the site of application for a period of time, providing a barrier to adhesion formation during the healing process. Dynavisc is bioabsorbable. The presence of a temporary barrier gel such as Dynavisc has been shown to reduce fibrosis and the formation of adhesions. Dynavisc is smooth and colorless, allowing clear view of tendon and neural structures during placement. The flowable, tissue adherent properties of Dynavisc gel allow thorough tissue coverage. Dynavisc is backed by the exceptional safety history of FzioMed's biomaterial gel technology.

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