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Ultrasonic bone cutting

The Misonix BoneScalpel  is a novel and unique surgical device in that it offers a gentler osteotomy as compared to standard bone cutting tools. It efficiently slices crystalline bone while leaving elastic soft tissues largely unaffected during incidental contact. This can be particularly important during spinal surgery where bone segments are frequently removed in close vicinity to the spinal cord, nerve roots and major arteries. Ultrasonic cutting of bone is made possible by amplifying an electrical signal and converting it into a high back-and-forth motion of a blunt blade at the extremely high frequency of 22,500 times per second.


Ultrasonic bone cutting with the Misonix BoneScalpel represents a technological shift with unique advantages over traditional methods for orthopedic and spinal surgery. BoneScalpel empowers the surgeon to dissect bone with the efficiency of a sharp chisel, the control of a Kerrison punch, the convenience of a high-speed drill and the finesse of a micro saw but with a new dimension that only ultrasound provides: a gentle approach that reduces bleeding and spares soft tissue while cutting bone with highest precision.

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