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AxoGuard Nerve Protector

AxoGuard Nerve Protector, is the only porcine submucosa extracellular (ECM) matrix surgical implant used to protect injured nerves and to reinforce the nerve reconstruction while preventing soft tissue attachments

Designed to protect and isolate, the AxoGuard multi-laminar ECM separates and protects the nerve from the surrounding tissues during the healing process. The patient’s own cells incorporate into the minimally processed extracellular matrix to remodel and form a tissue similar to the nerve epineurium. AxoGuard Nerve Protector is provided sterile and in a variety of sizes to meet the surgeon’s and anatomical needs. AxoGuard Nerve Protector can be used for protect injured nerves up to 40mm, minimize risk of entrapment in compressed nerves, protect partially severed nerves and reinforce a coaptation site

AxoGuard Nerve Protector has the following key advantages:

• Minimizes the potential for soft tissue attachments and nerve entrapment by physically isolating the nerve during the healing process1,2

• Preserves the native architecture of the extracellular matrix

• Allows nerve gliding1,2

• Strong and flexible, plus easy to suture

• Stored at room temperature with an 18 month shelf life.

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