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Adhesion gel barrier

Oxiplex is an absorbable, clear, viscoelastic hydrogel that is applied during lumbar spine surgery. Oxiplex gel is designed to coat the epidural space during decompression surgery in order to form a temporary physical barrier as tissues heal. This protective barrier has been shown to reduce the formation of scar tissue near the nerve root and may limit exposure of nerve tissue to irritants that can cause postoperative spine pain. Oxiplex coat surfaces that are exposed during spinal decompression surgery, providing a temporary, protective physical barrier that isolates exposed nerve fibers and dura from surrounding tissues.

These barriers function by various mechanisms:

• They can prevent adhesions from forming, so that the nerve is not tethered to spinal structures or compressed by epidural fibrosis.

• They can limit the exposure of nerves to biochemical irritants that are produced during surgery. Oxiplex gel during surgery is simple and takes only seconds. After surgery, the gel does not prevent normal healing. It is naturally cleared by the body.