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VESUVIUS® Demineralized Fibers Osteobiologic System

VESUVIUS® Demineralized Fibers Osteobiologic System

The VESUVIUS® Demineralized Fibers, processed by LifeNet Health®, are an innovative addition to the Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) market segment. Using LifeNet Health’s proprietary and patented PAD® demineralization process, VESUVIUS fibers’ porosity, surface area, and structure, are designed to enhance osteoinductive potential by maximizing exposure of growth factors. The product is designed for optimal osteoconduction proporties and when hydrated with Bone Marrow Aspirate, the product contain osteogenic proporties as well. 


  • Proprietary Mix of Demineralized Cortical Fibers & Mineralized Cancellous Chips
  • Engineered Specifically for Desired Porosity, Surface Area, & Structure
  • Contains No Carrier or Fillers & Comprises 100% Tissue
  • Allows for Customizable Hydrating Options to Fit Surgeon’s Needs, Including Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow Aspirate, Whole Blood, Saline, or Antibiotic Solution
  • Processed by LifeNet Health®, a Leading Allograft Bio-implant & Regenerative Medicine Company

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